Keys of the Apprentice

⋰ 1 ✦ An ancient artifact

Declined in two versions (Diamond 💎 and Golden ), 🗝️ Keys of the Apprentice are ancient artifacts forged from ancient wasabi and will grant you access to our future 🔒 Treasure Room where you will be able to get precious rewards that will be useful within the 🏯 Cookshido School by opening daily Chests.

Both keys are available for purchase from our official Opensea collection :

⋰ 2 ✦ Things to know

  • Either a 💎 Diamond or ✨ Gold, only 1 key of each type is required.

  • Stacking them has no effect.

  • The 💎 Diamond Key provides slightly greater rewards.

  • Each Key will open a daily Rice Cooker Chest in the 🔒 Treasure Room (Cf. below)

⋰ 3 ✦ Origins of the Keys

At the origin, the 🗝️ Keys of the Apprentice was a magical artifact forged like a Katana in a sacred material, unbreakable, and bearing the mark of the Shiba Shotokan Clan the ancient Samurai clan from which @Shiba Inoue has been banned. But the forged key alone is not enough, a secret ingredient allows it to confer magical virtues unsuspected until then. This ingredient, used in powder form, is a prized ore called the Ancestral Wasabi.

An ingredient well known to Japanese gourmets but unknown in its magical form and that the great samurai masters had secretly given to Shiba Inoue in his youth when he arrived at the Shibe Shotokan Clan. Never used before, this is the magic ingredient that also gave life to Samurices, a single pinch of which is enough to give magical properties to all things!

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