⋰ 1 ✦ What will the Gachaforge be used for?

Looking like a Boba Tea Machine, the Gachaforge will let you forge items by using your hardly earn Bobas to craft various types of things, such as Boosters. In technical terms, you'd 🔥 burn your Bobas to mint these new items!

⋰ 2 ✦ What can I craft inside?

As mentioned above, boosters will be available under different rarities and some will be harder to make and will require rarer Bobas, but their value will be ultimately even more interesting!

Booster examples:

  • Boosters to increase your luck in the Gachaboba

  • Boosters to increase your luck in opening the Chests in the Treasure Room

  • Single-use Keys (As a common alternative to Keys of the Apprentice)

  • ...

⋰ 3 ✦ Craftable One-time Key

For those who didn't manage to get a 💎 Diamond and ✨ Golden 🗝️ Key of the Apprentice, you will also be able to craft a One-time key to not be out of the game and still participate in the 🔓 Treasure Room to open daily Rice Cooker Chests. This will ultimately involve spending more rare Bobas to get them according to their rarity. Also note that, once this alternative key is used, it disappears.

⋰ 4 ✦ Things to know

  • To craft the biggest items you'll need the rarest Bobas.

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