Rooms mechanics

β‹° 1 ✦ Interconnection is key!

The main particularity of our ecosystem is that each room built within the 🏯 Cookshido School (Now and then) has its own purpose and mechanics and each one of them has been designed to be interconnected.

Meticulously engineered to interact with each other, these different rooms will give you their own set of items to interact with the whole ecosystem. The first stone that must be laid to enjoy our fun mechanics is the relationship between what we are calling "The Trinity": Gachaboba, Treasure Room, and Gachaforge. Thus, these three rooms work together and will be the heart of the ecosystem's operation.

β‹° 2 ✦ Earn, craft, loot, and be rewarded

Other rooms will be implemented in the future, but the core of the gameplay mainly lies in the usefulness of this trinity which plays a crucial role in your daily game and all around the following logics & mechanics:

πŸ§‹ Gachaboba: Make your Rolls daily to earn Bobas, which will act kind of the currency of the ecosystem but also have time-limited boba events featuring Bobas designed by other artists (Those Bobas won't act as currency, just act as cool digital collectibles to collect!)

πŸ”“ Treasure Room: Open Golden chests and Diamond chests with your Keys of the Apprentice. Diamond chests have better loot than golden ones. Inside those chests, you can find anything: Bobas, craftable items from the Gachaforge, exclusive 1/1 from other artists, open editions, other project PFPs, Samurices PFPs from our vault, etc. Of course, the most valuable items will have a really low drop rate!

πŸ”¨ Gachaforge: Forge items (These will be NFTs) using your Bobas. Depending on which items you craft, you'll be able to boost your luck when opening chests to try to win the most valuable prizes or boosts your chance to land the rarest Bobas which are needed to craft the highest rank items on the forge, etc.

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