🧭School Map

⋰ 1 Our Bushido

SAMURICES is a lifetime project born first and foremost to entertain its community. The creation of what we call the 🏯 Cookshido School aims to extend the universe of our brand to a web3 ecosystem that offers fun times built around delightful games based on your digital collectibles. This means, when you invest in Samurices by collecting from us, you are guaranteed to receive meticulous craftsmanship on our whole web3 development.

⋰ 2 Our progress

We are two passionate and creative professionals (And gamers) who want you to feel at home in building one of the funniest web3 ecosystem around! Knowing that we're really excited to show you what we have in store for the coming months!

School Progress: ✔️ → Available / 👉 → Next Update / 🔨 → Coming Soon

  • ✔️ School Foundations

  • ✔️ Gachaboba

  • ✔️ Boba Events - For Samurices

  • ✔️ Badges System

  • 👉 Tiers & Perks rework

  • 🔨 Boba Events - For Collabs

  • 🔨 Treasure Room

  • 🔨 Gachaforge

  • 🔨 Marketplace

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