⋰ 1 ✦ An iconic game to earn Bobas

Based on the famous Gachapon principle, the 🧋Gachaboba is an original web3 game creation invented to allow every Samurices holder to earn Bobas on a daily basis! Tasty NFT balls made of different rarities (
) where each one of them has a purpose and is used as the currency for future rooms inside the 🏯 Cookshido School.

⋰ 2 Rules, Reset, Rates

Every day, you'll get the chance to test your luck and try to win NFT Bobas! Unlike basic Gachapons, this one will make you sweat: the 🔘 Bobas inside the machine are sucked in and thrown in the air. So if you want your 🔘 Boba, you'll have to catch it! Every day at 6:00 AM CET, your rolls are reset and you can then try your luck again. The remaining rolls are not carried over to the next reset, so play as much as you can every single day!
Tapioca Boba: 83,5%
Rare Boba: 10%
Super Rare Boba: 5%
Ultra Rare Boba: 1%
Legendary Boba: 0.5%

⋰ 3 Why roll daily?

Think of your 🔘 Bobas as a currency within the School! The whole 🏯 Cookshido School ecosystem is interconnected and your Bobas earned every day with the 🧋Gachaboba will become valuable resources that will be useful in future rooms!
Super cool and fun mechanics are in the making and will arrive progressively throughout our development. So keep rolling daily, Samufam!
Thanks to feedback from the community, we are currently reworking our collections tiers to make them as fair as possible for all our holders, both small and large ones. We will keep you informed through our official Twitter and Discord!

⋰ 4 ✦ Collection tiers

We designed our web3 ecosystem to reward you based on different tiers to get the most out of your collection: The more
Samurices you’ll adopt, the more perks you’ll get!
  • Owning 1 Samurice =
  • Owning 3 Samurices =
  • Owning 6 Samurices =
  • Owning 9 Samurices =
  • Owning 12+ Samurices =

⋰ 5 ✦ Boba's inventory

Each time you win a Boba it will be carefully stored in a dedicated inventory that you can consult at any time via your Profile within the 🏯 Cookshido School.
If you have already played our 🧋Gachaboba on Discord (1st version), a button is also available on this page to claim your hard-earned Bobas as NFTs: