Collab Guidelines

Ohayo gozaimasu Cookshifriend 😸👋,

If you're reading these lines, we're delighted to have you as a prestigious collaborator to enter our world and create a delicious, unique, and exclusive Boba with us! The first Boba Event ever created by our artist Fistbumpdraw will serve as an example to help you better understand our requirements.

Let's get started!

⋰ 1 ✦ What is Boba Collab?

Boba Collabs is one of the fun extensions from our Boba Events. A creative way to integrate our collaborations into our brand universe and an exclusive reward system imagined to win unique and limited edition Bobas for our Holders.

These Bobas are created exclusively by a panel of artists and projects that we are passionate about and resonate with. Our Holders will try to win this exclusive NFT artwork by playing our web3 🧋 Gachaboba game on a daily basis over a short period of time (Usually a week).

A way for our community to discover the work of artists/projects they would not otherwise know about or simply expected collaborations. The aim is to create a moment of fun and a bond between us, the artist/project, and our community.

⋰ 2 ✦ Benefits for both sides

This Oh-so-yummy type of collaboration is an opportunity for us and the artists/projects to seal a real bond as art lovers, in addition to creating a fun and unique piece of art in our universe. For us, it's a way to offer our community a wonderful and original piece of art. On the other hand, the artists/projects reach a new and authentic community, the Samufam, which we have been trying to build organically since our inception.

The core of our community members is mainly genuine people who are sensitive to art and have respect for the artists for their work in this space. Because of our love for your craft and because your philosophy as an artist/project is very much in line with our own, we really wanted to work with you. As an artistic project, we keep our own cultural tradition alive: Not forgetting that art is first and foremost fun, passion, and entertainment.

Finally, this creative NFT Boba will be part of our main Boba collection on Opensea along with all our other upcoming collaborations that we plan to do throughout the year.

⋰ 3 ✦ Artist Reward

We know that artists' time is precious. That's why, as a welcome gift from us, we offer the artist a free Samurice from our collection as a token of our appreciation for their participation in collaborating with us (If you're not already a Samurices Holder).

In addition, since you need at least 1 Samurice to enter the 🏯 Cookshido School, our web3 ecosystem, it will give the artist a taste of our 🧋 Gachaboba game to get a preview of the fun mechanics our holders will be playing and see how they will try to win their artwork! An appetizer to discover our game in advance and understand the fun behind our collab 😉!

⋰ 4 ✦ Artworks requirements

First and foremost we want our collaborator friends to have fun!

The unique piece you are going to create will be one of the coolest rewards to get for our community in addition to the originality of the work created. To better fit our creative proposal, here are some guidelines to help you understand the fundamentals:

  1. MAIN ARTWORK: Must be created in a square format, with a minimum resolution of 2000px X 2000px, and saved as a high-quality JPEG. Preferably, the Boba should be at the center of the artwork, in keeping with the overall art direction we put in place in our ecosystem. Otherwise, we encourage creativity, so if you have other ideas, there is plenty of scopes for you to put into practice!

  2. BOBA AS PNG: We also need a PNG version of the Boba only (Transparent background) that will be used as an integrated image to match our UI/UX integration and brand promotion through our different social channels.

Example of a roll session when winning the special Boba (PNG version).

How the full artwork will appear in our dedicated Boba collection.

⋰ 4 ✦ How we are communicating

Through our Official Twitter account:

Through our Official Discord server:

Inside our Discord, a dedicated Boba Events channel allows our community to follow the announcements and we regularly do daily checkups to know who from the community has won the artwork and shares it on its networks. As said previously, it's not just a simple collab, it's a way to have an entertaining moment for all of us!

Feel free to create your own postings through your Twitter and Discord accounts to share our collaboration with your own community!

⋰ 5 ✦ Deadline

Our process from A to Z is all about fun in every sense of the word. So no pressure on deadlines with us. As long as you agree to be part of this fun little adventure with us, we leave it up to you to decide when you can send us your artwork.

As artists ourselves, we know that you are sometimes busy or taken up with other things on your own, so we will arrange a date together, only when the artwork has been created in its final state. Once all planets are aligned, we'll put the artwork into play and our owners will be happy to go on the hunt!

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