🏯Cookshido School

⋰ 1 ✦ Enter the School

⋰ 2 ✦ Interconnected rooms

⋰ 3 ✦ Gasless Transactions

During your days at the 🏯 Cookshido School, you’ll see that we have left nothing to chance. For us, having fun in web3 = 0 fees. So to make your experience as seamless as possible, we have implemented ⛽ Gasless transactions for our ecosystem. This means that we take care of the gas fees on your behalf for every action! You just have to sign the transaction each time you have to. Simple as that! 👌

Thanks to feedback from the community, we are currently reworking our collections tiers to make them as fair as possible for all our holders, both small and large ones. We will keep you informed through our official Twitter and Discord!

⋰ 4 ✦ Collection Tiers and Perks

We designed our web3 ecosystem to reward you based on different tiers around a simple motto: The more Samurices you’ll adopt, the more perks you’ll get! Advantages for the Gachaboba have already been applied based on your collection size and more benefits will be implemented over time!

For now, we only applied this logic to get daily advantages with the 🧋Gachaboba:

  • Holding 1 Samurice = 1️⃣ Roll/day

  • Holding 3 Samurices = 2️⃣ Rolls/day

  • Holding 6 Samurices = 3️⃣ Rolls/day

  • Holding 9 Samurices = 4️⃣ Rolls/day

  • Holding 12+ Samurices = 5️⃣ Rolls/day

  • Collecting all the 7 Foodlines = 1️⃣ Extra Roll

⋰ 5 ✦ Web3 Collections

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