All our NFT collections!

⋰ 1 Main Collection

Samurices is the most delicious collection of 7,777 digital collectibles Onigiris hand-drawn and creatively cooked by Fistbumpdraw and Novagraphix, from a combination of over 200+ traits, with some rarer than others, all inspired by Asian food and culture!

⋰ 2 Rares & Legendaries

Called the '7 Originals', those legendary Samurices are extremely rare entities at the origin of the 🔪 Cookshido and part of the main collection. Much like Yokais (妖怪), these supernatural creatures were the result of an unsuccessful attempt by Shiba Inoue to create the first Samurices. They reappeared years later and reincarnated in different Japanese cultural identities.
As founders, we thought it would be a lot of fun to have also our own custom avatars being part of the collection. If you are lucky enough, you will surely come across them and collect them as rare items!

⋰ 3 Art Collections

Collections based on Art related to Samurices.
 Comic Strips
 Art Collabs

⋰ 4 Web3 Collections

Collections related to the 🏯 Cookshido School.