Sold Out!

Thank you from the bottom of our chopsticks for your unparalleled support, Samufam!

Minted Out on April 6, 2023!

β‹° 1 ✦ Collection Migration

To make this relaunch possible, we are migrating the previously minted 1721 Samurices from our current collection to a brand new one. Indeed, the current contract has some immutable constraints that do not allow the flexibility needed for the future mint so there's no other choice than transitioning into a new one (Below) ↓:

The migration is seamless, so no action is required on your part! You can order your favorite Japanese menu and wait to be notified through our official Twitter and Discord when everything is set up. (The specialty of the house is recommended by Shiba Inoue).

Please note that all trading on the current collection/contract should stop from now on. We will notify you on Discord and Twitter when the migration will be completed πŸ€™. Once done, you'll see the new Samurices in your wallet. On Opensea, they might be on the Hidden tab, so feel free to unhide them (please double-check that they are from the new contract address above) and hide the old ones.

Edit: February 10, 08:04 PM (CET) The migration is completed! You can now unhide your Samurices on Opensea and hide the old ones!

β‹° 2 ✦ Mint Phases


  • πŸ“… Wednesday, February 15th, 2023, 4:00 AM (CET) β€” βŒ› 12H window

  • Price: FREE MINT guaranteed for eligible Minters/Holders.

  • Supply: 2656 (Max total supply after this phase 1721 + 2656 = 4377)

  • Official Mint Website (And only):

A snapshot of all Minters/Holders has already been taken, and you can already check out how much free mint you are going to get on our website. The Free Mints reward snapshot has already been taken and won't be changed. Any purchase that happens after won’t count for the rewards.

The distribution during this phase is as follows:

For Minters (Buy from Primary Market, e.g. from our website): 1x Free Mint per Samurices minted

For Holders: 1x Free Mint per Rank*

Holder Ranks
  • Rank 1 = Owning 1 Samurice

  • Rank 2 = Owning 3 Samurice

  • Rank 3 = Owning 6 Samurice

  • Rank 4 = Owning 9 Samurice

  • Rank 5 = Owning 12+ Samurice


I minted 3 Samurices but I'm no longer a Holder -> 3 Free Mints I minted 3 Samurices and I'm still a Holder of 12 Samurices -> 3 Free Mints + 5 Free Mints = 8 I minted 0 Samurices and I'm a Holder of 6 Samurices -> 3 Free Mints

✦ ↓ ✦


This phase only exists if the maximum supply of the private phase has not been reached (4377). Only Holder's wallets from the snapshot will be able to mint in this phase: 1x Free Mint per Rank* within the limit of the supply allocated to the Private Phase. First come first served! Be quick!


I minted 3 and holds 12 Samurices.

For the private phase, I was allowed 8 Free Mints. The private phase has ended but the supply allocated has not been reached yet -> I can now Free Mint 5 others Samurices.

✦ ↓ ✦


At this stage, mint will be open to the Public! Free Minters from the previous phases will also be able to mint during this phase.

β‹° 3 ✦ Things to consider

  • We have thought of everything to make the first phases as smooth as possible. We know that some people have put their Samurices into their cold wallets. These wallets will be eligible for Free Mints but we understand that for security reasons, you really don't want to connect your cold wallet to the web. That's why we implemented a system that will allow you to change the target address to which the Samurices will be minted to during the 'Private' and 'Leftover' phases. This way, you'll be able to claim your Free Mints with your hot wallet and they will directly be transferred into your cold one. See how it works:

  • The Free Mints reward snapshot has already been taken and won't be changed. Any purchase that happens after won’t count for the rewards.

  • As a holder, you do not need to do anything else. Sit back, mint, and relax!

  • Royalty rates changed from 5% to 7.5% (Read our FAQ below to find out more).

β‹° 4 ✦ F.A.Q

What's the main objective of this new pivot?

8 months have passed since we opened our first Public Mint in May 2022, and as many have already seen, despite the current market conditions, we've put our heart, dedication, and energy into our craft to start building the foundations of our web3 ecosystem to prove that we're here to imagine a fun web3 future for Samurices!

Our objectives are simple:

  • Bring the project out of stasis by revealing the beauty of the entire collection.

  • Open up opportunities by welcoming new members. Help the project grow!

  • Shedding light and awareness of what we are cooking up with our brand.

  • Being recognized for our true value as a strong community in this space.

Why did this pivot take so long?

For those who have only recently discovered us and have been out of touch with our development, there is a need for context: From November 2021 to its launch in May 2022, Samurices was born from the initiative of two professional minds and artists who share a passion for Japanese food and culture.

An extraordinary 8-month adventure in which everything has been built organically, from its community to the culmination of years of work on the design of the collection and the organization of everything that a project of our scale entails.

Unfortunately, just as we were launching, we were hit by the severe bear market that we have all experienced recently. Despite this, we continued to fight for our vision and to build the foundations of our ecosystem as we had promised to the community.

We felt that more light and awareness would have been shed on the project if we had shown commitment and passion to our craft every day and that we were cooking up something serious. The market being what it is, it didn't go according to plan, but that hasn't stopped us from forging ahead πŸ’ͺ. We are still here!

Expanding our team to take some of the load off Fistbumpdraw's shoulders on the code side of things (Lead artist and Dev of the project), so that he could draw more beautiful things to enrich our brand universe, was one of the first things we needed to start building our web3 ecosystem.

With the initial funds we have raised thanks to our early and beloved supporters, we have been able to start building the foundations of our future with the community, but not yet the team expansion.

So we have continued to be professional. Admittedly, it has been a little slower than we would have been able to do with more people, but for now, it is enough to build at this pace. That is why we are here today - to make a fresh start!

Why not go Free Mint for Public?

It's a risk for what we are cooking up with our web3 ecosystem and we can't afford to gamble with the future of the project. In order to keep building, maintaining, and enriching the ecosystem with tons of fun new mechanics, we need funds to materialize our brand vision.

Also, all transactions within the Cookshido School are gasless for our holders. But it’s not for us, we pay the fees on your behalf! The average cost of a transaction within our ecosystem (e.g. the rolling of a boba) is currently 0.03-0.04 MATIC due to the recent increase in gas prices. At the moment, we are doing more than 150 rolls a day in the GACHABOBA, which costs us 4.5-6 MATIC a day, which is equivalent to 6-8 dollars a day. We process approximately $200-250 worth of transactions over a month.

It should also be noted that this perspective -> And these are stats from the Gachaboba for only 1721 Samurices and 690 holders. In the case we manage to sell out, these numbers would be much higher, and with the development of the Gachaforge, the Treasure room, and many more surprises we have in mind, it will translate to even more transactions a day by a single holder and thus, more fees to pay.

As a result, the reason for setting the price to 0.01 eth instead of going free mint is to keep our ecosystem functional.

Would you have enough funds to continue going from 0.05 to 0.01?

Less funding means that we have to rethink what we want to produce. Originally, the 0.05 price tag would have allowed us to develop the brand on a larger scale through the implementation of high-quality merchandising, but most importantly, to grow our team (of 2) and help us develop our web3 ecosystem quicker and our brand as a whole.

These plans have been put on hold, and for now, we are solely focusing on developing our web3 ecosystem. We see this new pivot not as a way to sell at a lower cost, but as a new opportunity for us and the community to move forward as a respected, ethical, and fun project in this space.

A lot has happened since we launched, and all of the steps outlined above are essential for a project of our size to keep moving forward. To continue on the bright path we have set out with our web3 ecosystem, we need to achieve them once and for all because we have all the cards in our hands to do great things. Our beloved Samurices need us to fight for them! πŸ”₯

Why is raising the royalty rate beneficial?

Simply because, even if our ecosystem is running with gasless transactions, the royalties contribute to financing the cost of each transaction that we are taking on your behalf during your game sessions within the 🏯 Cookshido School.

Some projects choose to let you pay the gas fees on your own, but for us, having fun = 0 fees. And as said in the question « Why not go free mint? » the fees will be much higher as we will welcome new holders and new mechanics and rooms in the 🏯 Cookshido School.

The funds from the public mint won’t be enough in the long run so we naturally decided that we needed to increase our royalty rate to ensure the long-term health of our ecosystem and thus, maintain a great user experience for our holders by continuing to take care of their gas fees.

Any other questions to ask us? Please take the necessary time to read the whole document carefully before asking your questions so as not to repeat what we have already detailed here. Otherwise, we would be delighted to answer your questions on our Discord 😊:

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