💎Treasure Room

⋰ 1 ✦ Mysteries locked away

This is the oldest room that was first built when the 🏯 Cookshido School was made to store all the priceless treasures that Shiba Inoue discovered during his wanderings and adventures in 🏔️ Kotama. This special room contains ancient dusty and shiny chests that only a handful of Cookshido devotees can open with their 🗝️ Keys of the Apprentice, called Rice Cooker Chests.

⋰ 2 ✦ Types of Rice Cooker Chests

2 chests of different rarities will be locked in the 🔓 Treasure Room and can only be opened each day depending on the key you possess:

  • Golden Chest - Can be opened with a Golden Key of the Apprentice or a One-time key.

  • 💎 Diamond Chest - Can be opened with a Diamond Key of the Apprentice or a One-time key.

To ensure that every Samurice Holder who does not have either a 💎 Diamond or ✨ Golden version of the Key of the Apprentice, Shiba Inoue will put at their disposal a patron to craft a One-time key that can only be used once after it has been made.

⋰ 3 ✦ What's in the vault?

Inside chests, you can find various types of shiny rewards, useful resources, or precious items:

  • Craftable items from the 🔨 Gachaforge,

  • Exclusive 1/1 from other artists,

  • Open editions,

  • Other project PFPs,

  • Samurices PFPs from our vault, etc.

Of course, the most valuable items will have a really low drop rate! So to increase your chance to get them, you'll have to craft Boosters with the 🔨 Gachaforge!

⋰ 4 ✦ Things to know

  • Only 1 Chest of each rarity can be opened per day.

  • Opening a 💎 Diamond Chest and ✨ Golden Chest requires owning a 🗝️ Key of the Apprentice but we will give the possibility to those who don't own one to craft a one-time key with the 🔨 Gachaforge in order to open them. This will ultimately involve spending more rare Bobas to get them according to their rarity.

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